Baro TROLL Barometric Pressure Data Logger

Baro TROLL barometric pressure data logger

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Battery powered data logger for recording atmospheric pressure with an accuracy of 0.1% full scale. A temperature sensor is also included with an accuracy of 0.1 DegC.

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Product Parameters 

Pressure Range: 2 bar absolute

Accuracy: ±0.1% full scale

Data Storage: 1MB or 100K+ data points

Sample Rate: 1 minute to 49 days

Temperature Measurement: ±0.1 DegC over -5°C to +50°C

Battery Life: 5 years or 2M data points

Environemental Compatibility: Waterproof and all Titanium construction

Dimensions: 18.3 mm diameter

Special Features: Combined atmospheric pressure and temperature measurement


Product Description 

The BaroTROLL barometric pressure data logger can store 100,000 plus data records and has an internal battery life of 5 years or 2 million data records.

The BaroTROLL can be used with the Level TROLL 500 or 700 when it is more convenient and practical to use absolute referenced pressure ranges for measuring water level.

The Baro TROLL atmospheric pressure datalogger is 18.3mm in diameter and made from all Titanium for corrosion resistance when used inside the top of a borehole or in coastal applications where there is exposure to salt spray or sea-water. A proprietary twist lock electrical connection is employed to provide an IP68 water-proof seal.

The Baro-TROLL barometer data logger is configured via the Win-Situ software for desktop or laptop PC.


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