DMP331P Hygienic Flush Pressure Transmitter

DMP331P High Temperature Flush Pressure Transmitter
DMP331P sanitary pressure transmitter with tri-clamp fitting DMP331P with Dairy pipe fitting

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Sanitary pressure sensor wth exposed diaphragm with no crevices for high temperatures up to 300 Degrees Celsius in ranges from 100mb up to 40 bar gauge or absolute

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Product Parameters 

Pressure Ranges: 0.1 bar to 40 bar gauge, 600 mb to 40 bar absolute

Accuracy: 0.35% full scale > 0.4 bar (0.5% <= 0.4 bar), optional improved accuracy 0.25% FS, IEC60770

Output Signals: 4-20mA current loop or 0-10V amplified voltage, optional ATEX and SIL2

Electrical Connections: DIN plug, IP67 cable gland, field housing or Binder connector

Pressure Connections: Triclover clamp, dairy and BSP screw-in threads

Special Options: 300°C max. media temp. with cooling element, food compatible oil fill, ATEX approved for intrinsic safety, Hastelloy C276 or Tantalum wetted parts


Product Description

The DMP 331P hygienic flush pressure transmitter has a selection of hygienic flush diaphragms for food & drink pressure or level measurement applications.

The DMP331 P high temp hygienic pressure transmitter is ATEX approved for intrinsic safety and with the sanitary flush diaphragm it is suitable for pharmaceutical & biotechnology applications.


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