35X Flush Diaphragm Digital Output Pressure Sensor

35X Flush diaphragm digital pressure sensor
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Highly accurate digitally compensated pressure transducer with G1/2 male flush pressure port. Designed for use on viscous media or where a flush face is required for easier cleaning when used with food, drink or hazardous substances such as Oxygen. Select pressure ranges as low as 1 bar or as high as 1000 bar. Standard digital output is RS485 which can be converted to RS232 or USB via optional converter cables.

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Product Parameters

Pressure Ranges: from 1 to 1000 bar (15 to 15000 psi) gauge, absolute or sealed gauge

Accuracy: 0.05% FS over +10 to +40 degC and 0.1% FS over -10 to +80 degC

Output Signal: RS485, USB or RS232 digital connection for pressure, temperature and programming

Electrical Connections: IP65 or IP68 cable or Binder 723 series connector for sensor, USB male or RS232 9 pin D sub plug for computer interface

Pressure Connectors: G1/2 male flush (1/2 inch BSP)

Weight: 160g

Special Features: Flush face pressure port.  Connect up to 16 digital pressure transducers on one RS485 bus connection, measure/log pressure and temperature simultaneously

Special Options: Galden D20 or Fombin M100 oil-fills for Oxygen compatibility, Olive oil-fill for food and beverage applications and Diffelen oil-fill for high vacuum use.  All Hastelloy C276 wetted parts for higher corrosion resistance.


Product Description

The 35X flush diaphragm digital output pressure sensor is accurate to 0.05% of full scale over a 10 to 40degC temperature range or can be widened to 0.1% over -10 to +80 degC.  The temperature signal used to compensate the pressure reading is also provided as a separate digital output.

This pressure sensor includes a highly repeatable and stable silicon chip sensing element which is housed inside a stainless steel 316L oil filled capsule from which the output signal is processed by the microprocessor electronics and a 16 bit analogue to digital converter to produce an RS485 output. 

The flush diaphragm can be back filled with different oils so that if the diaphragm is damaged it will be safe for the oil to mix wih the process media without increasing the volatility of the media or introduce any toxic material.


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