IWSL Potable Water Submersible Level Sensor

Potable Water IP68 level sensor

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IP68 protect pressure sensor for monitoring potable water level to depths of 100 metres. The materials and fittings used in the mechanical construction of the IWSL water level sensor meet the standards required by the water supply byelaws of England, Wales and Scotland.

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Product Parameters

Hydrostatic Level Ranges: 0-1 up to 0-100 mH2O gauge, 0-2 up to 0-10 bar absolute

Accuracy: 0.1%  or 0.06% full scale BSL linearity (11-12 bit resolution)

Output Signal: 4-20 mA current loop output, voltage output or mV/V

Electrical Connection: IP68 seal and Polyurethane coated cable

Pressure Connection: 1/4 BSP male with protective nose cone

Media Compatibility: Stainless steel 316L sensor body and diaphragm with EPDM O ring seal and PUR coated cable

Diameter: 25 mm (1 inch)


Product Description

The IWSL potable water submersible pressure sensor can be used in many applications throughout the freshwater supply system such as monoitoring river levels, surface and underground reservoir depth, water tower height, groundwater borehole depth and aquifer water levels.

The IWSL provides an analogue signal which is proportional to the hydrostatic pressure of the water column above the submerged sensor.  To accommodate the standardised signal used in a particular water region there is a choice of outputs from low power consumption millivolt or voltage output for remote isolated installations and OEM product integration to 4-20mA current loop for water process and distribution control systems.


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