DPS Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

DPS Low Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Ultra low differential pressure sensor for HVAC applications with 4-20mA current loop or amplified voltage output signal in pressure ranges from 0.1 mb up to 1 bar differential.

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Product Parameters 

Pressure Ranges: 10 Pa to 100 kPa differential

Static Line Pressure: 1 bar gauge max 

Accuracy: 1% FS non-linearity with optional 0.5 or 0.2% FS with 0.1% FS hysteresis

Output Signals: 0-10V, 4-20mA or 0-20mA

Sensor Supply Voltage: 19-31Vdc, 12-32Vdc (2 wire only), 24Vdc isolated, 24Vac & 230Vac

Electrical Connection: 2 enclosure cable glands M12 x1.5 with 5 internal screw terminals

Pressure Connections: 6.6mm dia x 11mm barbed push on connections for 6mm dia flexible tubing or clamp ring tube fitting 1/8 inch MS

Environmental Protection: IP54

Media Compatibility: Non aggressive gases, Ni, Al, CuBe, PU, silicon rubber

Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 55mm, larger dimensions with relay switch and auto-valve overpressure protection options

Weight: 300 - 400g

Special Options: Integrated LCD display, Alarm relay outputs, auto-zero tare and up to 2 bar overpressure auto protection.


Product Description

DPS very low differential pressure transducer is an affordable option for measuring the differential pressure of airflow on heating, cooling, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings, laboratories, cleanrooms & factories.

The DPS ultra low differential pressure transmitter can also be used for measuring filter condition and ensuring a differential pressure between two rooms.

For overpressure conditions where there is the risk of a pressure up to 2 bar maximum being applied to either pressure port there is an optional automatic overpressure protection feature that can be specified which uses high frequency valves to isolate the DPS differential air pressure sensor from the system and vent both ports to atmospheric pressure.  After a few seconds the valves will re-open very quickly and if an overpressure condition still exists they will quickly close again to protect the sensor.


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