41X Low Range Digital Output Pressure Sensor

Electrical Connector View of 41X Digital Low Pressure Sensor
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Low pressure sensor with a USB, RS232 or RS485 digital output interface for measuring low range gauge or differential pressures. A choice of three pressure ranges are available: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 or 300 mbar, each with an accuracy of 0.1% full scale over a temperature of -20 to +80 DegC

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Product Parameters

Pressure Ranges: 10mbar (4inH2O), 20mbar(8inH2O), 30mbar(12inH2O), 50 mbar (20inH2O), 100 mbar (40inH2O), 200 mbar (80inH2O), 300 mbar (120inH2O) gauge or differential (wet/dry) plus compound ranges

Static Line Pressure (DP ranges only): 3 bar g max. for 10 and 100 mbar diff, 5 bar g max. for 300 mbar diff 

Accuracy: ±0.1 % FS BSL NLHR including temperature errors from -20 to +80 Deg C

Output Signal: RS485 interface, USB or RS232

Power Supply: 8 to 28 Vdc for RS485, self powered via USB for single sensor, DC input jack provided for multiple sensors and RS232 cnnections.

Electrical Connection: Binder 5 pin connector

Pressure Connection: G1/4 male

Media Compatibility: Positive Side - Stainless steel 316L pressure port, NBR/Viton O ring seals and gold coated ceramic diaphragm, Negative Side - Non-aggressive dry gases

Special Features: Low range pressure measurement, high overpressure rating

Special Options: USB or RS232 BUS interface


Product Description

The 41 X digital low pressure transducer incorporates a capacitive ceramic diaphragm specifically designed for measuring low pressures.  The capacitance sensing technology also offers a high overpressure rating to protect the pressure sensor from pressure surges which are much higher risk at low pressures.

For interfacing with your own digital network the 41X digital low pressure sensor has inbuilt fully configurable and addressable RS485 communication electronics which can be linked together with a number of other digital sensors.

For installations requiring a total solution for connecting to a PC computer there is a USB and RS232 data cable option which when used with the supplied software enables real time logging of the pressure and temperature readings plus the plotting of graphs and export of data files.


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