DL Industrial Pressure Data Logger

DL Industrial Pressure Data Logger

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Robust industrial self powered logger for recording up to 130,000 pressure values with a minimum logging interval time of 2 seconds. Select a pressure from 0 to 100 mbar to as high as 0 to 1000 bar gauge or absolute.

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Product Parameters

Pressure Ranges: from 0-100 mbar up to 0-1000 bar gauge or absolute

Accuracy: 0.1% FS > 500mbar, 0.25% FS <= 500mbar at room temperature

Memory Storage: 130,000 measured values, non volatile

Time Interval: 2sec to 24 hour

Power Supply: 3.6V Lithium battery size AA

Digital Communications: RS232 with USB adaptor option

Electrical Connection: RS232 cable with 2 or 5 m length of cable, optional USB adaptor

Pressure Connections: G1/4 female, G1/4 and G1/2 male

Media Compatibility: Stainless steel 316L and Viton, EPDM or Kalrez seal gaskets

Oil Filling: Silicone, ASEOL food grade, Halocarbon or PAO4

Dimensions: Body 73mm dia x 72mm long

Environmental Protection: IP67, anodised aluminium body with plastic TEKA form ELS cap

Special Features: Rugged design, wide choice of pressure ranges

Special Options: USB adaptor, Software for Pocket PC


Product Description

The DL pressure data logger has been designed to be used in most industrial and process environments benefitting from an all metal construction and IP67 environment protection.  To facilitate a wide range of applications different pressure fittings, seal gaskets and pressure capsule oil-fills can be specified.  For food and waste water applications a flush diaphragm can be specified to prevent the pressure port becoming blocked during use.

Download of logging procedures and upload of measured data is transferred via a RS232 cable connected between the logger and the computer.  For use with USB ports a USB adaptor can also be specified.  A software package is included with the data transfer cable managing the test results and setting up the logging procedures.


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