40B48 Strain Gauge Indicator with Relay Switch Alarms

40B48 Strain Gauge Indicator with Relay Switch Alarms

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LED digital indicator for wheatstone bridge millivolt and potentiometer input signals with adjustable relay switches for controlling process equipment, 4 digit red LED panel dispay and a precision of 0.2% full scale.

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Product Parameters

Display: 4 digit LED (-1999 to 9999), 10 mm digit height

Input Accuracy: ±0.2% full scale

Input Types: mV or potentiometer input

Alarms: 2/3 relay switches, 2/3 x 5A/250V or 1/2 x 5A/250V with 1 x logic relay

Environmental Protection: IP65 front panel

Power Supply: 100 to 240 mains or 11 to 27 volts ac/dc

Dimensions: 48 x 48 mm panel

Weight: 160g

Special Options: Sensor power supply, Analogue 4-20mA retransmission output, digital input or extra relay alarm


Product Description

The readings of the 40B 48 millivolt input digital indicator are settable via the IP 65 face panel controls to adjust the relay trip points, decimal place, display update rate, resolution, engineering units and input linearisation.  Two buttons on the face panel can be configured for a choice of zero null, display hold, peak/valley storage and memory reset.

The 40B-48 millivolt input readout fits a 48mm x 48mm (1/16 DIN) panel cut-out and is supplied with an instrument mounting bracket.  Either a 100 to 240 Volts ac/dc or 11-27 Volts ac/dc input supply can be specified for powering the display.  There is also the option for specifying the sensor power supply for different types of sensor.


Delivery Time

2-4 weeks


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40B48 data sheet 40B48 data sheet

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