2000 Digital Manometer

2000 Digital Manometer
Rubber Boot Protective Covers 2000 data logging PC interface

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Hand-held portable manometer for measuring positive and negative pressure ranges from 25 mbar up to 10 bar gauge or differential plus a 2 bar absolute. The measurement accuracy is 0.15% reading + 0.15% fs + 1 digit over a temperature range of -10 to +50C. Optional leak detection, data logging and averaging filter functions.

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Product Parameters

Pressure Ranges: 25 mbar up to 10 bar differential & 2000 mbar absolute pressure ranges

Accuracy: ±0.15% rdg ± 0.15% fs ±1 digit over -10 to +50 degC

Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries, up to 200 hours battery life  (not included)

Display: 31/2 digit LCD with backlight

Environmental Protection: IP67

Media Compatibility: Positive port will accept non-corrosive, non-ionic liquids & gases.  Negative port will accept non-condensing gases

Dimensions: 155x67x40mm (6.1x2.6x1.6 inches)

Weight: 180g (6.4oz)

Special Features: Muliple selectable pressure units, Max/Min hold feature, Zero tare function

Special Options: leak checker, data logger & averaging filter function and calibration handpumps, calibration certificate


Product Description 

The 2000 battery powered digital manometer is housed in a rugged IP67 water resistant enclosure with options to include a rubber boot protection cover for added protecion against impacts.

A backlit 31/2 digit LCD display displays the pressure reading in mbar, Pa, kPa, inH2O, mH2O, inHg, mmHg, cmHg, mHg and psi.  The display will auto range to optimise reading resolution and has a selectable auto turn off after 12 minutes.

The 2000 digital manometer can be powered by two AA batteries and they can last up to typically 200 hours.

The enhanced version of the 2000 HVAC digital manometer includes a leak testing, data logging and averaging filter function for recording and processing readings over time periods.  Using the optional infrared interface box with RS232 cable the logged pressure readings can be uploaded to a computer for analysis and creating reports.


Delivery Time

1-2 weeks plus dispatch time

add 2 weeks with UKAS calibration


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