DMP304 Ultra High Range Hydraulic Pressure Transducer

DMP304 600 MPa Hydraulic Pressure Sensor

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Current output pressure transducer for measurement ranges from 0 to 2000 (30000 psi) range up to a maximum range of 6000 bar (90000 psi). All welded wetted parts and ATEX approved electronics for use in flammable gas or dust environments. Primarily used in hydraulic systems, waterjet torching and high pressure petrochemical applications. Accurate to 0.5% full scale output with adjustable zero and span trim via accessible potentiometers.

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Product Parameters

Pressure Range:  2000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 bar gauge

Accuracy: 0.5% FS

Output Signal: 2wire 4to20mA

Electrical Connections: ISO4400 DIN43650 plug IP65, Binder 723series 5pin IP67, M12x1 4pin, IP67 or temp IP68 cable gland

Pressure Connectors: M20x1.5, M16x1.5 or 9/16UNF internal thread Autoclave

Special Features: Manually adjustable zero/span pots, 80% signal shunt for calibration

Special Options: ATEX intrinsic safety for gas and dust

Media Compatibility: All welded Stainless steel 17-4PH process connection and diaphragm

Media Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85 degC 

Weight: ~260 g

Dimensions: 39.5 mm diameter


Product Description

The DMP 304 is specically designed for extreme high pressure and utilises a highly trusted foil strain gauge technology which is bonded to an all welded stainless steel 17-14PH sensing diaphragm.  This high pressure sensing assembly provides a mechanically robust construction to withstand hydraulic pressures up to 600 megapascals.

A choice of 3 high pressure hydraulic connections including metric and UNF female threads which rely on a internal metal to metal seal to provide a high integrity hydraulic seal.  A selection of standard universal electrical connections of DIN and Binder are available for compatibility with most electrical installations.

The DMP-304 has a 4-20mA with or without IS approval output signal for transmitting the measured hydraulic pressure.  To aid calibration, zero and span adjustment screws are provided to tare zero reading and adjust gain over the service life of the transducer to ensure more precise hydraulic measurements.


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